Current Research Topics

I am currently interested on following research topics:

Model Verification

  • UML Model Verification
  • UML Class Diagrams Verification with OCL Constraints for Complex Models
  • Formal Verification
  • Feedback Tehcnique for Unsatisfiable UML/OCL Class Diagrams

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Interoperability in Tele-medicine
  • Use of SOA in Tele-medicine health-care system.

Model Driven Development (MDD)

  • Model Tranforamtion Using MDD
  • Verification Using MDD

Funded Research Projects (FPR)

  1. Research Title:  Modified Levensthein Distance for Duplicate Detection
    Investigators:    Asadullah Shaikh and Muniba Memon
    Grant No:          NU/ESCI/14/52 Najran University
    Start Date:        January 2015
    End Date:          January 2016
    FPR. Status:      Cancelled

  2. Research Title:  Enhancing the Quality Of Service For Real Time Traffic Over Optical Burst
    Investigators:   Muhammad Abdullatef  Ali Al-shargabi and Asadullah Shaikh
    Grant No:           NU/ESCI/14/53 Najran University
    Start Date:         January 2015
    End Date:           January 2016
    FPR. Status:       Completed

  3. Research Title:  Criticize the Barriers of ISI Impact Factor Journals
    Investigators:    Asadullah Shaikh and M. A. Elmagzoub
    Grant No:          NU/ESCI/16/XX Najran University
    Start Date:         -----------
    End Date:           -----------
    FPR. Status:      Applied on 11/10/2018

  4. Research Title:  A Review on MIMO Wireless Signalover Fibre for Next Generation Fibre Wireless (FiWi) Broadband Networks
    Investigators:     M. A. Elmagzoub and Asadullah Shaikh
    Grant No:           NU/ESCI/16/XX Najran University
    Start Date:          -----------
    End Date:            -----------
    FPR. Status:       Applied on 11/10/2018

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